Get new employees and new customers Up2Speed™ faster
and with better retention.

New hires and new customers. Two key audiences that power the success of every organization, in every industry, in the world. A new hire can become a valuable employee or a turnover statistic. A new customer can become a one-time shopper or a true brand advocate.It all comes down to communication. And that’s where Up2Speed comes in.

Up2Speed is a unique communications tool – powered by proprietary software – designed to create an ongoing dialogue by sending targeted communications that share and gather information vital to your customers, your employees and your organization. Whether you need support with on boarding new hires or building relationships with new customers,

Up2Speed makes communication a 2-way street.



Analyze almost any company’s turnover landscape and the results are the same – the first few months are brutal for new employees. The recruitment process is over and basically it’s sink or swim. No feedback. No support. No data. And the only measure of success or failure is a turnover statistic.


You made the sale, now what? Do your customers have a reason to come back? Do they have all of the information you want them to have? What if the information changes? How can you keep them motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated about their purchase and your brand? If there’s no communication, there’s no chance.


Put Up2Speed to the test.

  • Measure the results.
  • Evaluate the data.
  • See if it performs as promised.


Low cost, 6 month pilot.

For 6 months, you can experience Up2Speed in your organization. We set up your pilot program. We develop your materials. And we put it to work, so you can see if Up2Speed works for you. Learn more.

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