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Up2Speed helps you build long-term relationships with your customers.

You made the sale, now what? Do your customers have a reason to come back? Do they have all of the information you want them to have? What if the information changes? How can you keep them motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated about their purchase and your brand? If there’s no communication, there’s no chance.

Up2Speed keeps selling long after the sale is complete:

Personalizes your marketing efforts.

Up2Speed connects with customers by sending targeted communications about their purchase, your organization, and your commitment to their satisfaction.

Extends your brand.

Up2Speed takes traditional interval marketing to a new level by connecting with your customers on a personal level. They get information they actually want to get.

Extends the sales cycle.

Up2Speed allows you to continue to talk to customers and motivate them to continue to use your products, update them on new product offerings, and keep them engaged long after the first sale.

Offers measurable ROI.

Up2Speed demonstrates its impact by generating meaningful and measurable data. You know that the program is working in no uncertain terms.

Learn more about how this innovative marketing communications tool can build your brand, your business, and your relationship with your customers.

Experience up2speed for 6 months.

Put Up2Speed to the test with a 6 month pilot program and see if it makes an impact where it matters most – on your bottom line.